About Dr. Tony

Dr. Tony is a NeuroStructural chiropractor who has been serving the Ottawa/Gatineau community for the last 20 years. Early on in his practice, Dr. Tony realized that what people needed most, was not a quick fix which would need fixing over and over again, but a holistic sustainable solution. Neuro-Structural Activation, which addresses the underlying problem, is this solution. Dr. Tony teaches people tools to empower and promote health and well-being. He has seen that by teaching these life-changing tools one-on-one and in groups, not only does peoples’ health improve, but they also live happier and more fulfilling lives. Dr. Tony’s passion is helping people and seeing them get results!

Using the Human Nervous System as a common foundation, for the past several years Dr. Tony has been helping individuals of all ages with symptoms of ADHD, Autism and other Neurobehavioural Disorders. He has also turned his attention to helping individuals heal and recover from Post Traumatic Stress and Operational Stress Injury.

Dr. Tony believes that a healthy lifestyle includes focusing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practices in order to have the most fulfilling life that you can have.

When Tony’s not in the office, he’s travelling with his divine wife, Magdalena, or playing with their two dogs, Charlie the German Shepherd and Mr. Big the Yorkie.