Every day miracles

Dr. TonyNSA

Scientists say that the way that snowflakes form involves water droplets freezing within a cloud. One singular ice crystal then grows from around 100,000 water droplets. Billions of trillions of snowflakes fall during winter. We as Canadians can appreciate this volume since we have to shovel and plow so much snow each year:).

What’s really astounding is the symmetrical shapes that form when the conditions, namely temperature and humidity are just right. I am astounded at the patterns that snowflakes have, it’s almost as if nature had a plan:). If so much order can come from the chaotic mix of water vapour and temperature, to create beautifully symmetrical and unique patterns, does that order extend to human beings?

I take great comfort in thinking that it does. After all, how is it possible that life is able to take trillions of cells and arrange them in a way that creates a sentient being?

What is of even more interest to me is how mundane or pedestrian our perception of life can be on a daily basis when you consider the magnitude of miracles around us and within us. It turns out, all we have to do is pay closer attention.

When it comes to snowflakes, some photographers use a “simple” digital camera with a macro lens. While others build complicated cameras to capture the intricate and stunning patterns of snowflakes.

I wonder what it would be like if we were to start teaching children at a young age about how miraculous life really is? How would it affect their consciousness and their daily perceptions? What would it be like for us to include a daily acknowledgement of this for ourselves? Would it change how we experience life individually and collectively?

Maybe then when we encounter something that doesn’t make sense to us in the moment, could we assure ourselves that there must be a meaning, that we haven’t seen or found yet? Having faith when we don’t understand can help bridge the gap between uncertainty, fear and helplessness to understanding, growth and wisdom.

This holiday season and for the coming new year, my wish for all of us is to have more faith and to inspire others to have more understanding, growth and wisdom. Enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Looking back and looking forward