Happy New Year!

Dr. Tony NSA

It’s interesting to observe that every year at this time, people think about what resolutions they will make for the coming year. And there’s just as much talk, maybe more, about how people will fail than how people will succeed. I can see the point of mustering your will and making goals to achieve dreams, but I wonder if we’re doing this at the wrong time?

After all, winter is a time where nature slows down, many plants and animals become dormant. For us I think that winter is a time of quiet reflection, slowing down, planning and perspective. It is not a time to aggressively focus our energy to create a desired outcome.

Now spring is a different story. Sap starts to flow from the ground nourishing the trees and preparing for leaf growth. The animals either start to wake up or arrive from their migrating areas.

I wonder what would happen if people were to make resolutions in the spring and they were able to harness the energy of the awakening world?

The New Year’s tradition of making resolutions is not necessarily a bad one. Maybe it just needs to be delayed by a few months?

Happy New Year! May it be filled with many blessings, love, extraordinary health and prosperity!

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