The Chronic Tension Solution

Dr. TonyNSA

For some reason (or for many), we tend to believe that whatever is ailing us has one cause. Even when we consider different possible causes, we tend to look at them individually.

Is it how I slept? Or is it my pillow? Is it a virus causing my symptoms? Or is it something I ate? And as I’ve mentioned before, the line of inquiry seems to hover at the physical-cause level.

Chronic tension patterns are rarely due to physical causes alone, although, a job that requires repetitive movements and postures can contribute greatly.

In order to heal and transform chronic physical tension and pain, we need to muster enough energy to look past the shallow waters of the physical-cause, one cause/one cure type thinking to a more curious, investigative, contemplative view of oneself.

For example, when was the last time you really took a look at yourself in the mirror? Looking deeply into your eyes? When was the last time you sat quietly and felt your heartbeat? Or felt your lungs breathing?

If we’re living in survival, with our fight or flight system activated, like a Ferrari at a race track, we don’t have the time, patience or energy to look deeper. To look deeper means you have to switch off your protection and open up to feelings and deeper thoughts and questions.

Karen was in the other day for her regular appointment and after her session she remarked how she was feeling the chronic tension pattern in her body. In that moment, she was fully present with it. She could feel it without filters, without distracting thoughts.

When I suggested to her that this tension pattern had to do with her not feeling like she was enough, like she could ever be enough, she broke down crying. She told me afterwards that this was exactly the feeling she had.

The break down was actually her letting go of her need to strive and prove that she is enough. There are many reasons why someone might feel this way, but what was important in terms of the session was that she felt it and let it go.

Chronic tension that we feel is often due to the “cross that we bear”, the “burden that we’re saddled with”, the “multi-generational curse” … and the list goes on.

The goal of NeuroStructural sessions is to help free your nervous system up initially to be able to recover and heal from fight or flight. Once you have more energy, you’re able to explore the deeper connections of your mind and body.

Once you have an experience of being unburdened, you know that it is possible to live without it. It might just be a habit of being that you need to replace with a healthier, happier and more fulfilling one.

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