To boldly go where no one has gone before

Dr. TonyNSA

During this last Align Adventure, which by all accounts was the best one yet, we explored how different perspectives can help us access more life and more energy. These different perspectives also come with a different physiological and energetic state in our bodies. In other words, experiencing different perspectives is not just a mental exercise. It’s an embodied experience.

What are these different perspectives? During the Align event, we explored the 12 Stages of Healing, starting with Suffering and moving through all 12 stages and finishing with Connection in Community. There are exercises that we did that correspond to each stage of healing. As we did the exercises sequentially, a momentum started to build that carried us through the day, like a swell in the ocean that becomes a wave.

On June 1st, we’ll be holding a 3 hour class called Rise and Shine. During this class we’ll be exploring the 12 Stages of Healing and the powerful energy that is liberated when we shift perspectives.

I recently came across an article that I found very interesting because it’s a really good example of this shift in perspective. In this case it was William Shatner experiencing the “Overview Effect” when he travelled into space (for real). I recommend you read the article (you can read it here.)

What I found most interesting was that he experienced exactly the opposite of what he predicted he would feel and think.

It surprised him to say the least. He expected connection and excitement for exploration…he felt death and grief.

When we have a sudden organic shift in perspective, it can change our beliefs, it can change our world view. This shift in perspective is a powerful force, one that can be harnessed to improve one’s life, break long-standing patterns of thought and behaviour. And it can liberate us to feel and experience the full range and depth of human emotion.

Exploring the 12 Stages of Healing is a powerful way to go boldly where you haven’t before. You can discover new sources of energy and new ways of thinking, all which serves to help you be more authentic and less stressed.

If you’re interested in Rise and Shine, contact me at with questions or to register.

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