A Few Important Points about Covid-19

Dr. TonyNSA

No, I’m not jumping on the band wagon:) I typically don’t do that as a rule. These days, it’s all the talk, everywhere. We hear about numbers of cases, deaths, efforts that governments are making to contain the spread or to prepare for the spread, and many experts giving their (sometimes conflicting) opinions.

You could ask the question, “Why is the virus causing such havoc?” Some experts refer to the trend of viruses in general becoming more virulent, and most link it to systemic changes in climate. Others talk about various factors that are making our society more susceptible to pathogens such as the use of medications or estrogenic-like compounds such as soy and some chemical additives.

It may be easier to think of these causes at a global level but when it comes down to me and you, the big why’s are not that important. What is important is for all of us to consider how we can fortify ourselves and create more of an immune barrier.

You could get a vaccine shot, if it was available. Remember though that each vaccine is created for a specific strain of virus and once a virus mutates, the vaccine becomes less and less effective. So if they were able to produce a vaccine for every strain as a virus mutated, would you take every single vaccine? In each vaccine there is the active ingredient and then there are the supporting players, including chemicals for shelf-stability. You can have a look at these ingredients here: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/additives.htm. (fun stuff!)

First a few facts:

If you don’t want to get sick with Covid-19, then keep your fingers out of your eyes, nose and mouth. This is the primary form of transmission. If you do touch surfaces that have the virus, then typically washing your hands before anything else is a great idea. Having clean surfaces is paramount especially at a place like the Happy Spine, where people come and go all day long. We clean the surfaces regularly and you have the option to wipe down the tables with disinfectant wipes before your session if you wish.

Consider this:

If a person with the flu walks into a room with 20 people, licks his/her hand and then puts that hand into every person’s mouth (I know that sounds gross), 10 people will get the flu and 10 won’t. But if germs are lethal, then everyone should have gotten the flu, right? The answer is immunity. The people that got sick have a weaker immunity and those that didn’t get sick have a stronger immunity.

So how can we strengthen our immunity? One way is to take Vitamin C. It prevents a virus from binding to human cells.  If the virus can’t bind to the cells, it can’t take over the genetic factory inside the cell and therefore it won’t be able to spread in the body.

As you know, the nervous system is what actually detects invaders and triggers the release of immune system cells like Natural Killer cells. So making sure your nervous system is running optimally is sound thinking. Neuro-Structural Optimization sessions are one of the best ways to ensure that your nervous system is running strong. I’m not saying that a Neuro-Structural Optimization session will ward off Corona virus. What I am saying is that it’s perfectly reasonable to say that a strong nervous system can increase your immunity and shield you from invaders.

If you’re a healthy adult (including not taking medications), rather than being concerned about transmission, I would be more concerned about the Stress Reaction that comes with watching and listening to the news. It’s their job to “keep you informed”, all the while keeping you engaged. Anyone watching these days will most likely develop even a subconscious Stress Response. It’s hard not to when you’re bombarded constantly with messages of fear and uncertainty. And a nervous system that gets held in stress/survival mode is a major cause of decreased immunity.

To summarize:

  1. Keep your fingers and hands out of your eyes, nose and mouth (and other peoples’ too:))
  2. A virus can’t do any harm if it can’t bind with a cell. Vitamin C is one way to achieve this.
  3. A strong immune system is the best offence.
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