Do you think that’s air you’re breathing?

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Stress can sometimes feel as ubiquitous as air.

How is it that we can go about our days and perceive the stress that we feel as “being real”? I’m not suggesting that you pretend that stress is not happening. I am suggesting that we feel stress when we’re not in our natural state; a state of being centred, grounded, fully energized and aware. If we can be in our natural state of grace, stress becomes like lint on a shirt, we can just pick it off.

Stress management

Assessing what kind of stresses we experience is important. After all, in most cases, we all have stress we don’t need to have. For example, we create our own stress with needless and ineffective worry. Rumination mixed with procrastination is a dream killer. Culturally we’ve developed this belief that stress is just a part of life and it needs to be managed better. This however has lead to focusing on stress too much. It’s like we give stress too much credit.

What if stress wasn’t something that you had to manage? I propose that finding your centre is the key to a successful and fulfilling life regardless of the challenges we face.

The other day, Karen was in again for her regular appointment. This time, she sat up after we were done and she exclaimed: “I can find my centre using my body!”

Often times I’ll hear people say after their Neuro-Structural entrainment visit that they feel more in alignment and centred, as if they had an inner sense of ease and positioning.

I asked Karen to elaborate: She said that she usually feels centred after her visit but today she felt whole. She usually feels present, more aware and connected. By “whole” she meant that she felt her awareness had expanded so in addition to feeling present and aware, she felt loved, peaceful and supported.

Later that day, I was recalling our exchange and I sent her an email because I was curious to know more. Karen responded by saying that this was the first time that she consciously found her centre. She said she wasn’t sure what that even meant but she was able to recreate that feeling again at home. She described to me that feeling centred is feeling the most presence and connection with flowing energy.

Finding your natural state with your body is something you can practice and learn to do. It is attainable in any moment. And in that moment you can rise above and have an expanded perspective. It is a moment when we realize the truth: we are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings.

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