Get used to it, or not

Dr. TonyNSA

The other day, Karen was in for her regular visit. She had been away on vacation and expressed that she had fulfilled one of her bucket list items as she had visited the Bay of Fundy and stood on the ocean floor. One of the things that made me think of is the pull of the moon on the water of the earth. Even though it’s so far away from us, the moon still manages to exert its affect on water. Seeing as we’re made up mostly of water, the moon’s gravity affects us as well.

This lead me to think of the fact that there are many different things that occur that we just don’t feel so much because we’re used to them. The nervous system gets used to or “adapts” to all kinds of physical and energetic things such as TV and radio waves, microwaves, infrared wavelengths and gravity.

You might say that these are subtle forces but that’s my point. Are they subtle or is your nervous system so used to them that it tunes out making it harder to sense?

Beyond the many physical and energetic influences in our environment, what else have we gotten used to in our lives? What else are we putting up with or tolerating? In our relationships at home and at work, the relationship with ourselves, the worldviews or beliefs that we hold. If you’re like me, you’ve gotten used to “the way things are” in some aspect of your life.

Maybe it’s been so long that you don’t realize that you’ve settled. Our goals and dreams can get put on the back burner as we get used to life being a certain way. We adopt postures and perspectives to help us get used to life. Although these postures and perspectives are not always in alignment with our goals, dreams or purpose.

Our natural state can get slowly replaced by an adapted, conditioned state. This conditioned state can help us “go with the flow”, and to not make any waves. We start to believe that feeling friction is a bad thing rather than a product of realigning to our natural state.

Very often when we experience pain and other symptoms (signals from our bodies) or “friction”, it’s our bodies telling us that they can’t do it anymore; they can no longer adapt or get used to something.

When we examine these aspects and consciously choose to set new standards for ourselves, we express more of our potential and we have more feelings of happiness and meaningfulness. And we experience, through our bodies, greater levels of physical, emotional and mental health.

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