Dr. TonyNSA

How many times have you found yourself in an argument or disagreement with someone and those words at least came across your mind if not out of your mouth? Can you remember a time when your emotions and feelings just escalated out of control? Or have you been in a situation where you felt a surge of emotion and you shut down? The nature of being defensive involves feeling less, being aware of less; It’s our way of trying to manage the rush of thoughts and feelings. We can get caught in a loop between racing thoughts and surging emotions and we lose touch with our “saner” selves. There is a neurological basis to “being defensive” and when we’re our “saner”

When we’re defensive, the reptilian part of the brain is more active. It is the part of the brain that is responsible for maintaining life support and keeping us safe. The part of the brain that is more active when we feel in charge of ourselves is called the PreFrontal Cortex.

So when we’re having a full on defensive reaction, the reptilian brain is firing on all cylinders. Often times, we don’t even realize to what extent we’re being defensive. And that’s the trick: If we were to be able to maintain a grasp on our “saner” selves, we’d be more aware of the fact that we are being defensive. And then there are things that we can do about it; things such as take a step back, both in our mind and in our body, we can change our posture, let go of the tension that we’re holding, breath a little deeper. All it takes is a few milliseconds. It starts with more self awareness in the moment and the PreFrontal Cortex.

One of the many benefits of the Neuro-Structural care you receive at the Happy Spine is that those gentle contacts that you feel on your neck or your pelvis/tailbone are actually stimulating the PreFrontal Cortex (PFC). These contacts help to “wake up” the PFC and then your brain is better able to assess what’s going on in the body. We learn to become more self aware, even in situations where the reptilian brain wants to take over. Rather than reacting with the same patterns over and over, through more self-awareness, we can learn to harness other resources within us such as strength, courage, compassion and intuition, to create new patterns of perception and behaviour. This is why many people tell me that after a while in care, they notice that even though not much has changed in their lives with respect to stress or challenging relationships etc., they don’t react the same way anymore and many find ways of improving their lives through their stress and relationships, not in spite of them..

NeuroStructural Chiropractic Care is at the forefront of applied neuroscience and mind/body healthcare. It does not seek to be a therapy; it helps to create a new you, with new neural networks, new mind/body awareness and interactions and the result is a more wholesome, fulfilled YOU..