I’m not happy with just better

Dr. TonyNSA

If all you ever tell me is that since having NeuroStructural care that you feel better than you did before, I’ll take it, but secretly I want more for you:). When we work together during any phase of care, if we both want “just better” for you, then that’ll be the best we achieve.

If when I work with you, I hold myself to a higher standard of excellence, I may inspire that in you to want that for yourself. Then we can achieve so much more!

The standard that you hold for yourself determines your level or progress, your level of improvement and your overall experience of life.

Take for example that someone comes to the office looking for help with their anxiety. And when they consider what getting better means for them, they say that they’ll feel more peace or calm. In some peoples’ books, that’s a glorious win!

But what if I told you that when it comes to the brain, you can’t solve a problem by just eliminating it? That’s not how the brain works. If you seek to get rid of anxiety, the neural matrix that has been wired to support a state of anxiety will still be there.

So you have to give that neural matrix a different job to do, a job such as creativity. Creativity produces a higher energy state and can be said to “create more reward” in the brain as opposed to peace and calm. The brain is then able to rewire the neural matrix.

So for someone who comes in with anxiety, I’m looking to help them not only feel less anxious; I’m holding a higher standard to help them find creativity within to help them rewire for a more fulfilling life.

One way to hold a higher standard for yourself is to become aware of how you do things in life. Someone once said that how you do anything, is how you do everything. It’s not just the little habits that we do everyday. It’s who we’re being. We’ve learned to be a certain way and it’s become so habitual and comfortable that we don’t even notice it anymore. When we can observe ourselves in action in our daily lives, become aware of our thought patterns and perspectives, we give ourselves the gift of our potential.

In this next series of articles, we’ll be exploring the different ways or modes that we do life with. For now I’ll leave you with a few questions. Answer them however you want, you get to decide the right answer for you:).

If creativity is on the other side of anxiety, then 

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