It’s how we invest energy

Dr. TonyNSA

Last week we looked at the influence that various devices are having on our health and quality of life. We considered how when we learn to give our attention to external devices, we are more likely to lose our connection to our bodies. This sets the stage for imbalance and dysregulation leading to disease and a poorer quality of life. This is ironic because devices such as smart phones and watches are marketed as being helpful to us in maintaining balance and in preventing dysregulation. 

Focusing our attention externally also can teach us to be influenced by other sources other than external devices. For example, we can learn to focus too much on what other people expect of us and on what we think others expect. This can create a constant subconscious state of hyper vigilance and anxiety.

We are social creatures and I don’t think that we can get away from social pressures. However I think we can learn to strengthen our connection to our bodies and ourselves. Our ability to know who we are, to connect in relationships and to form boundaries all starts with how well we can feel our bodies and connect to them. With more and more external things competing for our attention, it is now more important than ever for us to learn and practice connecting to our bodies. If we want to maintain a sense of calm within the storm, if we want to be able to benefit from the wisdom of our bodies and how they can guide us through life, we will invest more time and energy in connecting with our bodies.

Because it is an investment after all. Where ever we focus, that is where our energy goes. If we’re mindlessly going about our day, allowing whatever external thing to draw our attention away (devices, the news, social media), then we’ll have less energy for the things that really matter to us.

Investing our energy in the connection with our bodies is not just about us. This has a ripple effect. The more we connect, the more others are able to connect. We naturally entrain to higher stable energy.

This is what the Align Adventure is about; coming together with the same purpose: To practice connecting and investing more energy in ourselves. Because we deserve it:) I hope you can join us. For more information or to register, you can visit or speak with Dr. Tony.

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