Just keep breathing

Dr. TonyNSA

The other day a patient was in for her regular visit.

“Karen” has been receiving care for many years. She does so now as a wellness practice. Sometimes she experiences a reset to her nervous system and body; and sometimes she has a novel experience.

This past week, after she got up from the table, Karen said to me: “I realized something really important. When things get stirred up, normally I try to figure it out, or use Emotional Freedom Technique to tap the feelings away, or I try to ignore them. And I just realized that all I have to do is breathe. I kept breathing through the feelings and I found my way through. And I know this intellectually, but I got it this time in my body.”

What Karen was saying is that we often will know something in our minds. For example, we know that smoking is bad for us; we know that exercise is good for us. But until we have that knowing in our bodies, we’re less likely to do something with that information. And once you know it in your body, it becomes real. It’s no longer just a concept.

We often talk a good game. We try to convince ourselves of something. All the while, we know deep down inside it just doesn’t ring true. When we’re able to find those places of disconnection or lack of alignment inside ourselves, we find being true to ourselves to be easier and less stressful than being out of alignment.

I love to see patients having A-ha moments, making connections for themselves and leaving the office with more than what they came in with. It’s part of why I get up in the morning!

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