The Power of the Subconscious

Dr. TonyNSA

Lately there has been one quote that has become a central focus for me. It’s one that I have shared during workshops.

“We are what we repeatedly do. ‘Healing’ therefore is not an action, but a habit” ~ Aristotle

I find this quote holds true when it comes to everyday healthy habits such as exercise, time management or diet.

But it becomes even more powerful when you consider that almost all our thoughts are subconscious. It’s really the subconscious thought habits that we do over and over, day in, day out that fulfills the promise of “we are what we repeatedly do”.

During the initial phase of care, and beyond, I’m hoping to help you realize, become aware of your subconscious thought patterns. They are what drives our behaviours, choices, attitudes and outlook.

Just this week Karen was in for her regular appointment. At the start of the session, the way her body was presenting, I found her to be fighting to not feel. Not only was her body tense, but it felt like she wasn’t fully present, almost distracted by something.

I asked her to breath into her body and as she did this, she came into contact with sadness. I asked her if she felt it everywhere or in a specific area. She indicated that she felt it in her chest.

Now at this point, usually what happens is the person starts to wonder and question: Why am I feeling sad? I have nothing to feel sad about. Maybe I’m feeling sad for someone else. Maybe I’m feeling sad because Mercury is in retrograde. Maybe …

Instead of escaping the feeling by thinking, Karen stayed with the feeling. We didn’t talk about it, she just allowed herself to feel sad. I felt that she was connecting better to herself so we finished the session after a few minutes.

We didn’t get into a “serious conversation” about it although sometimes it’s appropriate to delve deeper and to help the left brain experience what the right brain is experiencing in order to have an integrated whole brain experience.

The more we can experience life integrated  with both sides of the brain, the more we are being what we repeatedly do. This is the gift of the nervous system: The habits that you have now can be unlearned and upgraded for new habits; New habits that will help you enjoy a healthier and more fruitful life.

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