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Dr. Tony NSA

Happy Thanksgiving! Love and blessings to you and your loved ones.

I feel incredibly grateful to know you, to be able to work with you and to have your trust and support.

I am also feeling grateful for the growing numbers of doctors and scientists who are courageously proposing a different vision for the world’s current social and health crisis.

Three epidemiologists who are tops in their field have come together to create “The Great Barrington Declaration”. You can read it here.

They are in opposition to the current strategies that are being used during this social crisis, in fact they say that the strategies being used are creating more of a social crisis.

The approach that they are promoting is called “Focused Protection” and they see it as being more scientifically sound, more socially and morally sound and more in line with public health procedures than the current strategies.

It is possible to sign this declaration. Both professionals and the public are being invited to read and sign the declaration.

Personally I am hoping that “Focused Protection” will be adopted in Canada as well as around the world. I don’t want to imagine a world if we don’t adopt this new, more sound approach.

Please take a few moments and have a look at the declaration, and if you feel moved to sign it, please do. In the current world, we have so much technology and information at our fingertips and at the same time, we have less opportunities to exercise our will and our power as individuals.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Dr. Tony

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