This is so weird!

Dr. TonyNSA

This is what a practice member told me recently during one of her sessions. She was referring to feeling like her body wanted to move and it felt like the movement wasn’t under her control. This feeling is fairly common during NeuroStructural Optimization sessions. It can be weird at first to feel your body moving independent of your thoughts. She was able to feel how she could stop the movement if she wanted to, but if she allowed it to happen, it would lead her into some really nice stretches and releases of tension.

The human body is a self-correcting, self-maintaining organism – If it’s able to be in parasympathetic mode (otherwise known as rest/recover/regenerate/heal). When the body gets stuck in fight/flight/hyper-vigilance/constant thinking, then it’s not able to self-correct and self-maintain.

Another aspect of our ability to self-correct has to do with not focusing on the problem area alone. Most people come to the clinic with a health problem. Usually they’re suffering with back pain, headaches or a whole host of other secondary conditions.

If we focus solely on the problem, you leave the entirety of the relationships of the various body systems out of the equation. The natural healing resources from other areas and systems need to be accessed.

We look at not only what is the underlying cause of the problem. We also look at what is the body doing to maintain the problem. In other words, why is it not self-correcting?

It’s like in a family, where one of the family members is having challenges and let’s say is diagnosed with a mental illness. If you only look at curing or addressing the mental illness, you’ll have missed the forest for the trees. The family itself can be a huge resource of healing for the individual because just like other problems, mental illness doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It exists in relation to many different factors including family relationship systems.

It’s the same in the body. And if you can discover the relationships that different parts and systems have with each other in your body, then you’re on your way to healing beyond normal. Ultimately that is our goal with you. To help you be even better than you were before the problem started.

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