Dr. TonyNSA

I’ve lived in Canada for most of my life, except for a 6 year stint in the U.S. I feel proud to be Canadian. Living in the United States definitely made me more aware of what a great country we have here north of the 49th.

One of the phenomena that I’ve noticed in the past few years and that’s now talked about in the media quite a bit, is our voter turn-out rates in municipal, provincial and federal elections. The trend is one where fewer and fewer people are exercising their rite to choose their political leaders. I must admit, after examining party platforms and assessing which candidate would make the best leader, I often times feel at a loss; as if it doesn’t matter who I vote for, the way that the political system is run and the way political parties interact with and attempt to influence the populace is not changing. And I would like it to change. I think it needs to change in order to serve us all better.

But how is it going to change? I believe that the apparent stagnation of our political and societal evolution is not due to “the power of the system”. I believe the source of this stagnation and voter apathy is much more personal than we may think.

Change will happen on a societal level when the people will demand it, directly and indirectly. What’s that going to take? Will it take moral outrage? No. Will it take a scandal? No, that just puts another party in power. Will it take an economic crisis? No. That just tends to entrench the way the system works.

I believe it starts at home. Holding our politicians to a new standard starts with ourselves. Whether in relationship, whether it’s our finances and our spending habits or whether it’s how we take care of ourselves, setting higher standards for ourselves is the key to creating lasting change and having people care about each other and about what happens in our country.

Our minds can only function with the information that they are given. Often times we base our decision on right vs. wrong. And we may even think that our decision is based on our values. The decision that we ultimately make will is reflective of the standard that we’re holding ourselves to.

For example, if my standard for my health is that I want to be free of symptoms, then that will dictate my actions. I will make sure I’m not feeling any symptoms, whether that’s using medication, or chiropractic care or surgery. If my standard for my health is that I want to be as healthy and vital as I can be, then my actions will be different. I will be more proactive, and the motivation for seeking chiropractic care or taking nutritional supplements will be different than if I’m looking to “just not be sick”.

If my standard for my relationships is that I want to get my needs met, that will result in a very different relationship than if my standard is that I want to fulfill my partner’s needs. Nutritionally, If your standard is that you don’t care what you eat, that will result in a very different result than if your standard is conscious healthy eating habits.

Our standards define us. If we keep getting the same results, if we continually struggle with our health, or with our finances or with our relationships, we have no further to look than our standards that we’re living by. And our standards also define others. If we allow ourselves to have unhealthy standards, that allows others around us and even our politicians to have unhealthy, unfulfilling standards.

If you’re not living a conscious standard then you’re living an unconscious one and it’s running your life. Your thinking will be limited, your blind spots will be many and your general demeanor will be that of a victim, a victim of the system you might say. Big bad government will be the cause of your problems, not you. The medical system, the government, society can be blamed and can be part of the solution. Until you and I take charge of our lives, determine what standard we want to live by, we will not see a government that wants to change. There is the possibility of a brave, new and bright tomorrow: whether it happens is up to each and every one of us.

Traditionally, the new year is a time to make new resolutions. I recommend you making new standards for yourself in regards to your health, finances, relationships and level of fulfillment. One way to do that is to join me on January 10th for the Experience. It’s going to be a day full of breakthroughs, new understandings and community. I look forward to seeing you there. For more information about the Experience, go to