We have the power

Dr. TonyNSA

This past weekend we held the first of many Rise and Shine classes. It went super well, I’ve had a lot of good feedback. Some of the comments from participants included:

“I learned how to step outside myself and clear the bleeping blocks and obstacles while still being present.” 

“I learned how to use breath to restore optimal health for my body and brain.”
“I was able to reconnect to my life essence and purpose, awaken the healer inside, and embrace creativity.”

It got me thinking, even about my own daily habits: How often do we stop everything and connect to our bodies? How would our day be different if we did that before we get out of bed? What if we could learn to connect in an instant, regardless of where we are or what we’re doing?

There are certain common characteristics that people experience when they connect to their bodies. The following is not an exhaustive list by any means:

  • Increased feelings of peace, calm and roundedness.
  • Less pain and tension.
  • More awareness of how to shift any pain and tension.
  • More knowing, less thinking.
  • More creativity and energy.
  • Increased and spontaneous regenerative feelings of compassion, gratitude and love.
  • Less time spent on automatic pilot (more life enjoyment)

The exercises that I teach at the Rise and Shine classes utilize your breathing, focus, energy and movement to “work through” the stuck patterns of tension in our bodies; those same patterns of tension that keep us stuck where we are. When we’re able to free up our bodies from the inner web of tension, we’re free to experience the world through new eyes, new feelings, new movement and our bodies are able to heal.

If you like the idea of having more of these experiences, please join me at our next Rise and Shine class. Stay tuned for details!

Healing Perspectives - Part 4