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So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blogpost/article. It’s not because I have nothing to say. I’ve been a little busy learning and integrating my studies from Stockholm. And I want to thank the many patients who “volunteered” to be my test subjects! In Stockholm I was taught by Dr. Yannick Pauli, the person who also taught me how to help children on the ADHD/Autism spectrum with a specific Wellness Program. Since about 2012 I’ve been adding to my knowledge base about how the spine and nervous system integrate with the brain/gut connection. And I’ll be studying this for a long time since there is so much to still learn!

The testing process is extensive and looks at the many variables that affect brain health including the state of the organs, nervous system, digestion and emotions.

I decided to go through the testing process myself to see how healthy I am, how healthy is my brain (the circuitry and the supportive tissue) to see what changes would be best for me; changes in my lifestyle, diet and nutrition, daily routine and energy utilization. The results came back and it was as I suspected: Not too bad and there’s room for improvement.

I undertook a ‘No Sugar Diet’ for two weeks which essentially helped to balance my blood sugar and insulin secretion. What surprised me the most was how many food items have sugar in them! When you look really closely, pretty much everything you buy has some form of sugar in it, it’s crazy!

Now I’m following a ‘Well Brain Diet’ which is a little more lax than the ‘No Sugar Diet’. I’ve experienced great benefits so far, in having much more energy, operating on an even keel, both emotionally and energy-wise throughout the day, better sleep, clearer skin and a sharper focus.

When I started this Well Brain approach, I decided that I would first work on my diet and nutrition and as that balanced out, I would start a physical movement program. I’ve been active for quite a few years but I wanted something new, something my body and brain would have to learn. I’ve been looking at Judo (I used to study martial arts and you get to throw people around in Judo), boxing (for the endurance aspect and the hand to eye coordination) and olympic weight lifting (lifting heavy weights for short periods of time). I’ve just started a program at a neighbourhood gym here in Westboro. They’re a progressive gym in a garage/warehouse type setting focused on proper healthy movement and olympic weightlifting. So far, so sore!

My body is learning to move in new ways which means that my brain is also forming new connections. I’m excited to see where this all goes!

I do know one place where this is all going. Next week I’ll be making a very special announcement so stay tuned!

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