An amazing self-healing system

Dr. TonyNSA

If you looked at a human cell, you would see it has numerous parts called organelles. All these organelles have their different functions. And it is through these organelles working together that a cell can live and function. If they didn’t work together, the cell would not be able to do what it does.

“Working together”

When the different parts of the cell work together, there must be some form of communication between them since there is obvious coordination. In science, we call these observable phenomena, emergent properties.

Emergent properties are only observable when you’re observing the whole. If you were to stop and observe only one part of the system, you won’t see emergent properties happening.

There are many examples of emergent properties in complex systems. You can observe emergent properties in an ant colony. If one ant finds a food source, it will communicate with other ants to come and take apart the food source and to bring it back to the colony. In the human body, micro-molecules such as carbohydrates, proteins and lipids form macro-molecules which then serve various functions in the body. These functions are not served by the micro-molecules but only when these building blocks come together can they actually have certain functions.

And we see emergent properties in the spine and nervous system as well. As you go through Neuro-Structural Care, the different parts of your spine and nervous system harmonize. They go from being disorganized and disconnected to working together and showing healthy emergent properties.

One of the main emergent properties that we see is the production of healing waves in the spine. Once your spine and nervous system have healed to a substantial degree, they develop these healing waves which help to maintain the health of the system. How cool is that?

The human body is an amazing self-healing system!

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