Experience more energy, more vitality, more creativity and passion for life!

Are you aware of everything inside you? Maybe you can feel your heart beat. Maybe you can feel some emotions stirring around. Are you aware of everything around you? I hope not. I hope you’re not aware of cell phone signals and solar radiation and all of the other phenomena that are around us in any given moment. If you were aware of everything, you’d most likely go insane.

Our bodymind has a way of filtering out “background noise”, so what seems like a baseline quiet state is actually a noisy state of stimuli that our nervous system sees as normal.

This filtering also exists with our beliefs and thought patterns. Some of our beliefs have been with us for so long, we don’t see them acting in the background anymore. Sometimes we may see our stories acting themselves out. If you notice yourself choosing to indulge in a moment of weakness, that’s you listening to and being controlled by your story. When you notice yourself feeling self pity, that’s you allowing a story to be deciding your actions, feelings and thoughts for you.

And what if anything could consistently get in the way of you feeling more energy, vitality, creativity or passion for life? Your stories. Those stories that typically fly under your awareness radar.

One of the ways our bodies tell us that our stories are running our lives is through pain. Other ways include: recurrent emotional patterns (usually suffering, guilt and resentment), recurrent thought patterns (replaying certain memories, worries, obsessive thoughts) and recurrent physical pain patterns.

So how do we overcome these roadblocks and finally get to the other side? Is there a way to sidestep or avoid them? No. The only way is to go through them, like going into a dark forest with a  lantern, feeling your way through the roadblock.

Neuro-Structural Care helps you to navigate these unseen, unfelt areas. By attaining more awareness, flexibility, courage, strength, imagination, curiosity and helping you to keep your eye on the prize, Neuro-Structural Care helps you access more of what’s already inside you.

Then life becomes more about expressing your passion and creativity and less about managing your stress. On March 28th, we’ll be holding our next Clear Day. Clear Day can give you a really big boost and help you see and feel more of your potential. Come and join us!