Forgiveness: Your health depends on it

Dr. TonyNSA

When we hold a grudge or feel resentment towards another or ourselves, we actually hold tension in our bodies, creating an enormous physical burden. In the nervous system, we hold that tension in the lower neck (around C5).

This tension speeds up degeneration in the spine, creating more arthritis.

Unresolved conflict not only has us holding tension in the lower neck, shoulders and between our shoulder blades. It can also raise our blood pressure, create systemic inflammation, raise our cholesterol and increase anxiety and depression.

With the spinal entrainment visits that we offer at the Happy Spine, we help you connect to and release that tension in the spinal cord. This then opens the door to you being able to see things from a new perspective. One from which you can learn to resolve the conflict that you’ve been carrying.

Your blood pressure and cholesterol normalize, inflammation decreases, and you feel less anxiety and depression.

And your body language improves as well. When we’re carrying that tension, people see it in us. And when we learn to let it go, we stand taller, more confident and at ease than before.

This gives us a chance to be more natural and healthy.

I have found that part of forgiveness is realizing the damage that we do to ourselves when we hold unresolved feelings and thoughts. Forgiveness is not as much about the other person or what you perceive they did or didn’t do.

Forgiveness is about consciously choosing to not go there anymore, in your thoughts and in your feelings. Whatever hurt you felt in the past is not worth holding onto.

When you finally are able to see what that has done to you, you naturally let it go. Hopefully this New Year will be full of new self-discoveries and new growth for all of us!

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