Giving thanks

Dr. Tony NSA

Being grateful for the many daily gifts that we receive can easily fall to the back of the to-do list. Having at least one day dedicated to the practice of giving thanks is a blessing in itself.

For this occasion, I would like to be thankful for all the people that strive to make a difference. One of these people is Dr. Deb Ayer, who practices in Dover, New Hampshire. I would like to share with you something that she recently wrote, something that resonates deeply with me:

“If we are taught and believe that someone else knows more about our own bodies than ourselves and our bodies cannot be trusted, that they are unreliable, that they require outside interventions in order to be healthy as the singular predominant message‚Ķ will we ever truly TRUST ourselves and our bodies or our intuitive wisdom?

We are taught to separate from our pain and discomfort, not to lean in. We have not learned to stop and listen to what the pain is expressing or to what our heart is singing. We are all miracles by grace and design, to be celebrated not feared. But often the predominant message is we are not enough and that we are not capable of choosing what is best for ourselves. We must be told what is best for us.

Your body-mind is wise, you are more powerful than you think and your body is a wellspring of wisdom.” ~ Dr. Deb Ayer

Happy Thanksgiving!

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