Healing Perspectives – Part 2

Dr. TonyNSA

Last week, we talked about how being able to change our perspective on a situation is a learned process. It is a skill that can be practiced and improved upon. Changing perspectives is something we learn to do at a very young age, so our capacity to shift perspective in any situation is affected by our Automatic Operating System (AOS – fight/flight/freeze).

When we can learn to shift our perspective, we change our physiology. This is a powerful ability that we all have. When we can shift out of survival mode by changing our perspective, we then have an opportunity to see the situation that we’re in with fresh eyes; eyes that are not necessarily encumbered by the past.

Last week we looked at the perspective of connection: how to find places in our bodies that are peaceful, as well as places that feel different from that. These places may feel tight, sore, painful, stuck, or separate.

This week I’d like to look at another perspective: relationship. Rather than focusing on one part of the body at a time, we can look at two places at the same time to see how they relate to each other. 

Have you ever noticed that when you first meet someone, they can seem really cool at first and you enjoy being with them. However, when you begin to relate to them more, exchange with them more, you start to notice yourself reacting to them, getting upset with them, not liking or judging or not approving of something about them?

I think the purpose of relationships is not so much about getting to know others as much as it is about getting to know yourself more. And when we are triggered by someone, what’s happening in the body is that a physical anchor of tension is being plucked like a guitar string. We develop an electric charge which then affects how we act in our relationships.

We can start to realize that the things that we react to in others trigger an emotional or electrical charge within ourselves. People and events strike a tuning fork that influences how our life force or vital energy flows. I am sure that there are circumstances or people you know that push your energetic buttons.

I think that this perspective is by far the biggest source of stress for people bar none.

What if you could free yourself of these relationship triggers? What if people couldn’t push your buttons anymore? What if there we no buttons?:) How would your life be different? What would your stress levels be like? How much more would you enjoy the company of other people? What if you could finally get past this obstacle to more open, close and rewarding relationships?

On Saturday, June 1st, I’ll be teaching a class called Rise and Shine. We’ll be practicing exercises to learn to connect to peaceful places in our bodies and we’ll be exploring how different places in our bodies relate to one another. We’ll be breathing and moving our energy to help us learn to resolve the electrical charge that relationships can often create in us.

Let me know if you have any questions about the class or if you want to register. I hope to see you there.

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