How to have more energy

Dr. Tony NSA

It takes more energy to never move, or to avoid conflict. And to never explore and develop your potential is the biggest waste of energy of all. That’s because it doesn’t just affect you…it affects all of us.

When we’re on this side of the gap, it often seems like we’re avoiding a big expenditure of energy by not exercising or by not having uncomfortable conversations.

But that’s because we’re on this side of the gap; we’re looking at it from a survival perspective.

If we were to look at it from the other side of the gap, from a perspective of thriving, we would see how much energy it has taken us to NOT take action.

It takes so much more energy to not take action primarily because we are, as life is, designed to be purposeful action. If we are not moving in some form or fashion, then we are fighting against our true nature. And that takes a lot of energy to do.

Procrastinating takes more energy than whatever we’re putting off. During a personal development program that I took several years ago, I was asked the question “what are you tolerating?” Some of the things that I had been putting off for months or years came to my mind as an answer. I decided to apply myself, my energy and time to whatever it was that I had been procrastinating on.

Surprisingly, the “tasks”, some smaller, some larger, took less time and energy than I had forecasted. The level of discomfort I had doing them, I realized after, that I had been blowing that out of proportion. And once I had completed them, I felt as if a huge, heavy burden had been lifted off my body and I felt free.

Maybe doing something, that you perceive right now to be difficult or impossible, could be painful at times; it might be challenging; it might push all of your “buttons”. But as big as the mountain in front of you may seem, the payoff is so much bigger! You just need to focus all of your energy on the ONE perspective: the outcome that you want.

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