Can we age better?

Dr. TonyNSA

Some might argue that as we get older, we get sicker. Whether we’re talking about flus and colds, body aches and pains or more life threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

If we look at what the traditional allopathic model can do to help, dying from heart disease is something that isn’t a given anymore as we get older; getting diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer’s (or some variant of these) is statistically more likely as we age.

But I wouldn’t say that this a failure of the traditional allopathic model. I would say that this is because the allopathic model doesn’t address on the whole the underlying mechanisms that are at play.

One of the underlying mechanisms is the food that we eat on a regular basis. Foods that are high in sugar, preservatives, salt, chemical modifiers for flavour, scent, and palatability are hazardous to our health over the long term.

In fact, as an example, the food industry puts nitrates into luncheon meats in order to preserve them. It is well known that nitrates cause cancer in people if they are consumed daily and for many years.

So they know that the preservative can cause cancer but they figure that it takes such a long time to build up in your system that you’ll probably die of old age or some other disease sooner.

For other underlying mechanisms, we could look at a whole host of environmental problems such as the growing increase of estrogen-disrupting compounds from plastics in our farm land and ground water.

But I’d like to focus on another often overlooked underlying mechanism: homeodynamics of the body.

In short, homeodynamics of the body is essentially all of the complex inter-workings of the body; the billions of chemical reactions and cellular processes that happen every second of every day in our bodies.

How well these billions of processes stay organized is a measure of homeodynamics. And as we age, the tendency is for homeodynamics to get worse.

This decrease in regulation and organization of life processes in the body is mainly due to loss of balance between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems which as a whole are the AOS or Automatic Operating System.

Luckily for us there are ways to restore balance and improve how our bodies function as the years go by, one of them being NeuroStructural care.

We often have patients telling us that not only is their pain feeling better, but that they are also sleeping better, feeling more energized, feeling less affected by stress and enjoying their lives more. It’s what makes our work so gratifying.

So people who decide to invest in longer term care with us, whether it’s to protect the investment they’ve made or to optimize their nervous system function, benefit in all sorts of ways because they’re able to maintain their homeodynamics as they get older.

We can age better.

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