It doesn’t have to be this way

Dr. TonyNSA

The other day Karen was in. She has been dealing with a lot of tension, pain and stiffness in her pelvis and hips. She finds it difficult to walk and ambulate. As I assessed her on the table I could feel that the tension and pain that she was feeling was deep in her groin, pelvis and hips. And yet as I moved down her legs I discovered that her calf muscles were extremely tight. She told me that they are so tight, they are painful and ticklish at the same time. During the entrainment, I asked her to focus and move the energy from her calf muscles to her neck where she could use the energy. Her calf muscles eased quite a bit and her hip and pelvic pain diminished as well.

As we talked about the session afterwards, Karen noted how her calf muscles have been so very tight for so long that they just didn’t register anymore in her awareness. She realized that she has made the assumption that her calf muscles are just going to be so tight and painful forever. She said that she learned that her calf muscles don’t have to be so tight. She has options.

Interestingly she had been sharing with me that she’s been changing how she thinks about herself and her family and how she creates boundaries (or not). I shared with her that when you are Transforming, you can Discover that there are parts of you that are not on the same page. You will find that you have parts that are “stuck in the past”, still working with an older belief or consciousness. And when you awake to this realization, there can be pain. And it passes in time.

If we hold a part of our bodies in tension, then most assuredly there’s a part of our psyche that we are holding in tension as well. If we change how we hold our bodies, we can change how we hold the past and we can also change our beliefs and states of consciousness. This can lead to more acceptance, peace and healing. Conversely, if we are actively changing how we think and relate, we can become aware of parts of the body that have been holding and simultaneously have been wanting change.

Take a few moments and consider what aspect of your body or life have you given up on? What aspect have you held for so long, you don’t even know you’re doing it anymore? Through some focused attention, we can liberate more energy for ourselves. The great thing is, is that as we do that, others around us start to do the same.

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