Outgrow your problems

Dr. TonyNSA

“We don’t so much solve our problems as we outgrow them. We add capacities and experiences that eventually make us bigger than the problems.” ~ Carl Jung

‘Outgrowing the problem’ is really about expanding your mind and energy to a place where the problem becomes insignificant. Outgrowing the problem is based in neurology: creating new habits create new connections in the brain and nervous system while the old connections dissolve. Energy moving in the field within and around the physical body changes how it moves and radiates.

The ‘capacities and experiences that eventually make us bigger’ are really the adaptation of the human being to life. As human beings we’re able to take in experiences and activate capacities within us through our genetic expression to ‘outgrow the problem’.

This is the essence of our approach at the Happy Spine. This is the reason why we’re interested in the long term rather than the short, cover-up-your-symtoms term. Covering up symptoms can work for a time. And yet you’ll always have the problem.

Our approach doesn’t just restore you to a place without symptoms. The work we do with your nervous system helps you grow and add capacities. It’s like in school when we first learn the alphabet, then we learn words, then phrases and then sentences. We learn to add and subtract and then we learn to multiply and divide.

Just like in school, the nervous system can learn new ways of processing information and moving energy in the body. It can recover from past stresses and it can learn to deal better with stress, at a higher level. So instead of you having the capacity of a 5th grader, your nervous system develops the capacity of a college or university student.

Practice doesn't make perfect
It doesn't have to be this way