I’ve looked at life from more sides now

Dr. Tony NSA

This week a friend, who’s always sending me interesting articles, let me know about the rare hybrid eclipse that’s happening. As I read about it, it dawned on me that this is a real and true example of how two different perspectives can be right at the same time.

It just depends on where you’re seeing things from. If you’re in Indonesia, you may see a full eclipse. However if you’re in Australia, you may see only a partial one. And if you’re in North America, you won’t see it at all. Does that mean it’s not happening, if you don’t see it? Not at all.

And I find this true across the board, whether it’s that you’re evaluating whether you think that Stairway to Heaven is the best rock song ever written, or whether Neuro-Structural care is right for you. If you’re able to only see things from one perspective, chances are you won’t see various real possibilities.

If you’re in fight/flight/survival mode, you’re less likely to feel anything, let alone if something is helping you or not. And if you’re not expanding your perspectives to include more, you’re doomed to repeat history, creating the same tension patterns and behaviours.

That’s also true in relationships. If your sense of self is meshed with your perspective, be it political, scientific, or religious for example, you will be less able to see other perspectives and connect with others. You’ll put “being right” in front of being with others.

One of the challenges of healing is that we get stuck in one perspective and we stop seeing the bigger picture. We focus on the knee pain or back pain all the while not noticing all the other places where we’re stuck in our bodies and how we got that way.

Karen was in the other day. As she walked to a table she was telling me about how her leg, knee and hip really hurt. She was limping. During the entrainment session she was able to discover several things:

  1. Breathing deeply was able to help her body let go of some of the tension, so her pain lessened
  2. That she holds a lot of tension in her pectoral muscles and that tension in her upper chest is connected to the tension in her leg, knee and hip.
  3. As often as she tries to will her tension away, it keeps coming back.

There is a way to work with your body, to help it find resolution. We can get stuck in the perspective that we can just will anything to happen and it will comply.

What if we were to expand our perspectives that we need to acknowledge our feelings and emotions no matter how frivolous or silly or illogical they may seem to us?

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