On a personal note

Dr. TonyNSA

In less than a week’s time, we’ll be holding our first Align Adventure here in Ottawa. Many people have expressed interest and have been asking questions.

I would like to share some personal notes about Align, in particular, what it is, and what it means to me.

In the past, Dr. Joe and I would hold something called Clear Days. One of the goals of the day was to help people experience a nervous system and body that was free and clear of tension and interference and all the good things that happen as a result of that.

I think the word “clear” also implied in peoples’ minds the idea that we were wanting to help ‘clear out’ the bad to make more room for the good.

Rather than thinking about it in those terms, I wanted to create a day where people come together (align), to share in a common experience; an experience where people focus on aligning their energies, bodies and nervous systems with their goals and dreams.

It can be a life changing experience! At least that’s what some people are saying after the event we held in Toronto this past August. Dr. Joe and I, together with Grace, David and Carla, and many participants, created a magical day.

In the afterglow, the five of us were reflecting on the day and all that it took to organize and create. I for one was very grateful to be part of a team that supported each other, not just in the particulars of the day, but in spirit as well.

I’m looking forward to this next Align Adventure! I’m excited to see what kind of magical shifts in peoples’ lives will be happening!

A great big thank you
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