A great big thank you

Dr. Tony NSA

Well it’s official, that’s another Align Day in the books. And I’d like to thank Dr. Joe, Grace, David and Carla for stepping up, leading, supporting our team as well as all the attendees. I know they strive to set the bar higher and higher every time.

And I’d like to also thank everyone who attended. But not for the reason of attending. I’d like to thank them for what each person did for the rest of the group.

Usually when you consider attending a group event, you think about things like “what am I going to get out of this” or “what are the benefits”. After all, you’re considering spending your money and precious time at an event that you may not even know that much about.

We tend not to approach a decision like this with others in mind. It’s not to say that we’re selfish or narcissistic, it’s just that we might not realize how the decisions we make could have an affect on someone that you have never met before.

What Dr. Joe and I have observed over the course of almost 15 years of doing these kinds of events is that our decision to participate in an event like the Align Adventure, can not only have lasting impacts in our personal lives, but also the lives of others.

Over the years we have seen friendships grow from two people meeting at an Align Day. But it goes much further than that. It’s not as if when you attend an Align Day that you become good friends with everyone that you meet. It’s that there is the potential to show love and support to a complete stranger.

There is the potential of changes and shifts that you make within yourself, be it physically healing something, finally making a pivotal decision, or being your authentic self, that helps others to do the same. And without coming together in a group setting, your force of will, focus, love and dreams, are not magnified as much as they could be.

So in a way, Align Days could be seen, other than the personal benefits that you can experience, as a way to impact other peoples’ lives in a very positive way. It’s a way to be a “force for good”.

I must say that everyone played full out, supported each other, and created a container where people felt seen and heard and were able to allow themselves to just be. It’s always an honour and blessing to witness.

I’m looking forward to the next one!

Welcome Isabella!
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