Welcome Isabella!

Dr. Tony NSA

This weekend has been a weekend of firsts! I got to meet Isabella, our freshly-baked granddaughter! She is the sweetest! And I got to entrain her for the first time too! She has been constipated for the first week of her life. She wasn’t going everyday like she was supposed to and she seemed to be having an uncomfortable time.

So I checked her spine and nervous system and I found some distortion. It could be due to the birth process but there it was. We were very happy that right after the adjustment, she went poo 6 times in short order! She also looked longer, more stretched out and not so constricted.

Everyone has been breathing easier since Isabella is feeling better.

As a chiropractor, I have always felt it a badge of honour to be asked by a parent to check their child. To be entrusted this way means so much to me. And constipation is one of many things that chiropractic can help with. That’s because the adjustment works at the level of the nervous system.

And since the nervous system regulates digestion, sleep, immune response, growth and many other bodily processes, reducing distortion in the nervous system helps the body work better. And with babies, it can help children to get ahead in life and to not have lingering distortion turn into health problems as they get older.

I’m looking forward to seeing who is this new person in our lives!

Looking back and looking forward
A great big thank you