Dr. TonyNSA

Or is pain relief what you want because pain is what’s interrupting your life? Most people want to relieve pain to avoid suffering (who wants to suffer?) and many people tell me that they want less pain because they want to get back to doing the things they were doing before the pain started. Makes sense…until you look a little deeper.

We live in a here and now culture where if something doesn’t happen in a matter of milliseconds, we start to feel anxious and frustrated that our expectations are not being met. Marketers and advertisers count on this in their never ending quest to sell us things and make it effortless for us to acquire these things. Ten years ago, you never would have thought of ordering something online and receiving it the next day!

If we look beneath the cultural norms and actually look beyond the synthetic societal framework of right here/right now, we may discover that there is actually a reason for the pain to be there in the first place!

What if pain was the body’s way of getting our attention? What if the purpose of pain was to interrupt our lives because there might be something about the way that we’re living our lives that doesn’t serve us? Does it then make sense to make the pain go away and get back to the way we’re living our lives? ‘Here you go sir, just put these rose-coloured glasses on and soon you’ll be seeing things in a much better way!’

Looking ahead, do you want to deal with pain and suffering towards the end of your life (which is not due to old age, it’s actually due to us putting off dealing with our bodies’ messages so that we could keep living life the way we always did) or would you rather deal with it now and discover what your body is actually trying to tell you through pain?

The choice, it turns out, is ours and always has been ours.