Self-Healing Requires Teamwork?

There seems to be a paradox between self-healing and needing help to heal. After all, if our bodies are designed to heal themselves, why would we need to see a practitioner like a chiropractor to help us?

Rather than seeing healing as an on/off switch, where it’s either happening or it isn’t, healing can be seen as more of a spectrum, a dimmer switch. And so the body’s capacity to heal is always there; it just depends on how much capacity it has to heal, like a battery.

Over time with stress, the body experiences Structural Shift which distorts the body’s capacity to heal. Structural Shift shows up as poor posture, lack of balance and coordination, weak core muscles, and lack of recovery from stress. All these things tend to be seen as “getting old” but really occur with time and stress. The more Structural Shift there is, the less the body has the capacity to heal.

So a chiropractor can help the body heal; more precisely, a chiropractor can help by reducing Structural Shift which in turn maximizes the body’s ability to heal itself.

Our primary focus at the Happy Spine is reducing Structural Shift. In fact over the last 16 years, we’ve become quite good at it. Instead of treating symptoms, we address the underlying cause.