Take a moment for yourself

Dr. TonyNSA

The other day when Karen came in for her regular appointment, she asked me “Is it strange for me to notice more tension when I notice a part of my body relaxing?” The answer?

Not at all. During an entrainment session, when you feel your body or a part of your body starting to relax, that means that the nervous system is making changes. Often, with those changes, you become more aware of parts of your body that are still holding lots of tension (stuck energy).

That’s your cue to breathe and move to help your body get unstuck. The key for this to happen is that you slow down enough to notice your body.

“Slow down?” you say, “I’m lying down on a table!”

By ‘slow down’ I mean that you want to slow down your mental activity enough to notice something other than what you typically notice.

Slowing down is a relative thing and I thought I would frame it this way:

The fastest human (Usain Bolt) has been caught running at a peak velocity of 44 km/hr. That is astounding! And yet electrical brain and nerve activity has been measured at 10X that speed or roughly 440 km/hr.

Paying attention/noticing is different from zoning out or reciting your to-do list. It takes a bit of effort and it’s worth it. When we slow down and pay attention, we have a certain type of brainwave pattern that’s measurably different from when we’re sleeping or dreaming or thinking about what happened yesterday.

This different brainwave pattern actually creates more coherence (harmony) in the bodymind and gives us a chance to reset our energy levels, our focus, and resourcefulness.

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