What does less tension mean to you?

Dr. TonyNSA

If you don’t pay closer attention, you won’t notice what’s right in front of you. Case in point, over the years I’ve had patients come in regularly for months and then one day say to me: “Hey is that sign/picture new? How long has that been there?” I usually laugh (I do have a mean streak) because that sign or picture has been there for a very long time and the patient is just noticing now.

After I have my laugh, I remind myself that I haven’t always had a sharp attention either (just ask my wife) and it’s still a work in progress:)

In fact, when I’m working with you at the table, if I’m not at my sharpest, chances are you won’t be either.

It takes more energy to pay closer attention as it does when you are learning anything else. The result of taking charge of your energy is that it gets easier the more you do it.

And if you’re taking charge of your energy, then you’re less likely to give it away. In this case, energy is very much like money. If you don’t know where your money is, or how you’re spending it, you end up having less.

Taking charge of your energy starts with paying closer attention to it. This is one of the basic strategies that you learn through NeuroStructural care at the Happy Spine.

Ask a food expert to taste a dish or some wine and they will tell you a story about it. Some sommeliers are able to tell you what region the wine comes from and what the weather was like that year.

Now from what I can tell, all of that information doesn’t hit them all at once. They need to taste several times, and mull it over, in order to get all the information.

Usually patients will tell me that they feel more relaxed after a session or that they are in less pain. If we take a closer look at this, what does this actually mean?

  • Less random thoughts = more focused, clearer mind
  • A change in emotions = being back to yourself, less distracted, less over-extended
  • Improved posture = more stable, self-confident, self-assured
  • Less obsessive thoughts = free of your conditioning = more trust in God/Universe
  • Less overthinking = Allowing life to unfold, Forgiveness, Humility

Our commitment to you is that we will continue to raise our standard of energy and paying attention when we work with you. We want to support you in becoming your own mind/body sommelier.

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