The Light Bulb Moment

Dr. TonyNSA

Have you ever had a moment in your life when the “light bulb over your head turned on”? Have you ever had a flash, an insight, a moment when several things all organically came together and it made sense to you?

What if you could have more of these moments? How would your life be different? What if you could create these kinds of moments, calling them up whenever you needed them?

If you can’t just create them at will, maybe it’s because your nervous system hasn’t learned yet how to do that. A little more on this a bit later …

The other day, Norm came in for his regular appointment. He has already completed his initial phase of care and is aiming to grow even healthier and give himself the edge that he’s looking for.

He’s been dealing with some uncertainty in his life. He’s supposed to be retired but the sale of his company has not gone through yet and so he feels stuck in limbo. And he’s not sure when the sale/retirement will be resolved.

After the session was done, I explained that every session you come in for is designed to teach your nervous system a specific strategy. In Norm’s case, it was to switch from a Left Brain focus to a Right Brain focus.

When it comes to uncertainty, the Left Brain is at a loss. It can’t “figure out” what is going to happen and when it will happen. It works digitally, that is, it can only process so much information at a time.

The Right Brain functions holographically. That means that it can process lots of information from various sources and come to an answer quickly. If you’ve ever seen Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman, his character was able to use his Right Brain and process a whole lot of numbers very quickly.

Another example of Right Brain function is intuition. Intuition is a compilation of all sorts of sensory information that is processed very quickly.

If you are facing uncertainty and are using your Left Brain, you will feel tension building in your body. You will notice yourself trying to control the outcome. As soon as you can switch to using your Right Brain, the tension starts to drop and you experience more flow, steadiness, peace and trust.

The truth is that the spontaneous light bulb moment can be learned. As you learn what it feels like to use your Right Brain vs. your Left Brain, you can start to understand your body’s signals at the feeling level. You can have more access to intuition and holographic thinking on a daily basis.

What does less tension mean to you?
Are you surviving or creating?