Are you surviving or creating?

Dr. TonyNSA

We spend much of our days managing our lives. Some of us do daily, monthly and yearly planning. We do it so well and so much that we don’t even notice it anymore (until we feel overwhelmed). I have developed the habit of sitting down in the evening to look at what’s on the list of to do’s for the next day. This way I can hit the ground running when I wake up the next day.

I have also discovered that no matter how many things I manage to get off my list, it never stops growing. There is an endless loop that forms and if you’re not careful, your level of consciousness gets caught up in it. This loop or wheel starts to set the boundaries of thought, expectations and energy.

In fact, this level of consciousness gets wired into the brain and becomes your default mode network activity. Excitement, spontaneity, wonder or gratitude tend not to exist in this place.

Even the types of entertainment that we choose to consume start to become monotonous and emotionless, offering us up dopamine hits as if we were junkies.

Science has now shown though that the wiring that exists in our brains and nervous systems can change; it is pliable. So we can learn to manage more efficiently. We can also learn to be more discerning when it comes to prioritizing what gets done and what doesn’t. 

Managing differently is however still managing. And I’ve never heard of a Fortune 500 company that is run by its managers.

The CEO is supposed to be the visionary, the dreamer. They are the ones that create (with the help of all of the other employees). How often do you engage with your CEO? How often do you get a feeling for the bigger picture? How much time do you spend dreaming of a brighter future?

If you spend all of your time managing, then life will become a hamster wheel and you will have less joy and less satisfaction. And you’re likely to carry more structural tension.

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about the difference between Survival and Creation. In Survival, we do things today that are based on our past. The way we feel, the way we move, the way we act, the way we hold our bodies, the way we think, how we use our energy are all based on past conditioning that is hardwired into the brain.

If we want to change from Survival to Creation, then we have to make the time to dream, and discern what our real priorities should be in order to create a more fulfilling future.

It’s not going to happen on its own. We actually have the power to change and the brain and nervous system can create new pathways. The result can be a new body and a new nervous system. All we have to do is take the time and practice rewiring.

This can be done for example through meditation or visualization. The unique part that Dispenza brings to the equation is that when you’re meditating or visualizing that more compelling future, practice feeling grateful for it, as if it has happened already.

I think this is the secret. It’s not just that we want to think positively … we want to think positively and combine that with elevated emotions such as gratitude or the joy for existence. The science behind this is fascinating.

Another way to help rewire your brain and nervous system is to have regular entrainments at the clinic. 

On Oct. 27/28, Dr. Joe and I will be leading an event that we call The Align Adventure. It is designed to help you get clear on what you want your compelling future to be and to help it manifest and faster.

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