Feeling connected to the greater whole

Dr. TonyNSA

Growing up, saying goodbye to summer always felt a little sad, especially when I was still in school:). Maybe it was because I felt I had more freedom during the summer. The days are longer and there’s more to do outside.

As I have gotten older, my favourite season has become autumn. Especially these early days are still warm but the nights are refreshingly cool. 

I find it’s the perfect time to get out and hike in nature. There are so many smells in the air and very few bugs!:) I suppose when I’m out there in the woods, I feel like we live in a purposeful universe.

Being in nature helps to give me a unique context, telling me more about who I am and the kind of impact that I want to have.

I think this is also why I love presenting the Align Adventure with Dr. Joe and our friends. I would like for people to experience that deep connection with themselves, and the wisdom within.

It starts and ends with having a clear nervous system. One that can perceive the subtle and profound. If you happen to feel called to join us, there are still some spaces left. To find out more, you can ask us or visit www.thealignadventure.com.

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