The 4 Modes of Life – Part 2

Dr. TonyNSA

Since last week’s article, maybe you’ve had a chance to reflect and see how you’ve held yourself back at times; in smaller ways and maybe in bigger ways? Have you seen how being the Observer has been helpful to you? Have you seen how the habit of being the Observer has been hindering you?

With each of these modes, being aware of which one you’re using is key. The second mode is called the Learner. The Learner is curious and open-minded. The Learner asks questions and is willing to engage and to stretch their comfort zone. The Learner challenges themselves and looks to raise the bar.

Because the Learner is good at solving problems, one of the pitfalls or limitations of the Learner is that they can sometimes focus too much on “the problem”. This can lead to a loss of perspective, where we focus so much on the problem that nothing else exists. For example, if someone’s in pain, they can lose sight of anything else that matters in life such as joy in the moment, gratitude and awe in the miracle of everyday life.

The Learner brings many gifts with it including being present with emotions, openness to change, and challenging their love of comfort in order to grow and expand.

Next week we’ll have a look at what makes up the third mode: the Explorer.

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