The 4 Modes of Life – Part 5

Dr. Tony NSA

Some people who meditate report having the experience of being able to observe the mind. They’re able to observe themselves observing. Much like this fairly common experience that meditators have, when you start to dance with the modes of life, you start to be able to observe yourself being in the different modes and consciously switching from one to another.

Living with the modes of the Observer, Learner, Explorer and Seeker, we can begin to master how and when we apply them. We can move from being consciously competent to being unconsciously competent in using the modes. They become guided by our heart’s wisdom and our intuition. We can transcend ourselves into experiencing the joy of existence and other elevated emotions. We can learn to see ourselves as an inherent part of the greater community, seeking to add value to the world.

In this state of mastery, stress becomes inconsequential. As a result, we have greater coherence, and greater levels of health and wellness.

Don’t think that mastery is a state of “having arrived”. Rather than being a fixed state, mastery is a continued process of learning, integrating, honing and adjusting, with seemingly small, incremental advances. It’s only when you rest and look back that you see how far you have come. And what else lies in front of you:).

At the end of October, Dr. Joe and I, along with the rest of the Align team, will be offering a program where we will practice the modes and learn to embody them, making them a part of our nervous system. There is so much more available to us beyond a three dimensional reality of health, that we’d like to explore this with you, if you feel called to participate.

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