The Biggest Secret in Healing – Part 3

Dr. Tony NSA

What do a lowered immune system, high blood pressure, kidney insufficiency and chronic muscle tension have in common? A chronically high Symp.

Symp is the part of the AOS (Automatic Operating System) that helps us survive stressful times in our lives. The problem with Symp is that if it runs all the time, then the body does not have an opportunity to rest, recover and heal.

If your body is given the chance to switch to Para, your body can restore a harmonious balance of energy, cellular regeneration and overall improved function.

What I’ve observed over the years is that when people complain of getting older, and all the things that come with that, it’s actually not aging that is responsible for how they’re feeling. What’s actually responsible for how their “feeling old” is a chronically elevated Symp and diminished Para.

The reason I can say this is that over the years I have seen people heal from all sorts of problems, some seemingly not even related to the spine. And some of them even tell me that they feel younger!

Imagine your garden not getting any water for the whole summer. Now imagine your garden going dry for many years. What kind of garden would you have? The same thing goes for your body and the AOS. If you have a heightened Symp going on for many years, how healthy are your organs going to be? How healthy will your spinal discs be? Your blood vessels, your brain, liver, heart and kidneys, if they’re not getting a proper supply of oxygen and removal of waste products?

Restoring Para and turning down Symp is the biggest secret to healing. When we turn down Symp, your heart rate slows down, your blood pressure decreases, blood flow to your organs increases, including your brain, so that all of your organ tissues get more oxygen and at the same time are better able to get rid of waste products.

Turning up Para helps to improve digestion, sleep, hormonal levels and the immune system. Your energy levels are restored and you may even “feel younger”.

This is why we tend not to go after the superficial symptoms and we focus on the underlying state of stress, congestion, lack of blood supply and the body’s ability to recover and heal. We don’t do the healing, your body does. And you can take that to the bank.

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