What kind of life do you want to create?

Dr. TonyNSA

While doing renovations in my house the other day, I happened to catch the movie “Groundhog Day” on TV. I’ve seen it at least once before but this time it was like I was seeing it with new eyes.

I now think this movie is a philosophical teaching about life disguised as a comedy.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up (assuming that you do – you can’t assume), what kind of life will you be creating for yourself? Will you carry on with the same old, same old? Or will you consciously create your mood, outlook, your energy level, will you visualize how your day will unfold, will you see yourself experiencing the miraculous or will you settle for the same old, same old?

It does take energy to do this I will admit. However there’s only so much energy that is devoted to or stunted by survival mode. Most of our energy is actually tied up in inefficient uses.

For example, worry, monkey mind, allowing our attention to drift with the internet, believing that we are limited 3-dimensional beings that are dying a bit every day, automatic pilot, believing you are less than, playing small, finding solace in hope. These are all sucking our energy away.

If we were to claim our energy and our power of attention, we would see that we have the power to create and attract our greatest expression of ourselves.

There is a whole other world beyond the mundane. It is the difference between the black and white at the start of the “Wizard of Oz” and the magical technicolour experience later in the movie.

Ask yourself “what is the greatest expression of who you are?” Are you being that? Are you striving for that?

The successful life is not one that continues to search for balance. Balance creates neutrality. And neutrality is not energizing.

The successful life is one where we get to practice choosing what we pay attention to, how we utilize our energy and how we fuel our lives with passion, love and integrity.

The great thing about “entrainment” (chronobiology) is that when each of us starts to create a successful life, we start to get in sync with each other, lifting each other up, and making it easier for everyone to do the same.

On October 27/28, Dr. Joe and I, along with some dear friends, will be holding an event called Align. You can find more information here. I hope you can join us, in helping to lift one another to a more successful and fulfilling life.

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