The Source of Disease

Dr. TonyNSA

“Most diseases are a result of lifelong emotional patterns and early stresses.” Gabor Mate

As with most things, it depends on the lens that you are using to observe, which determines what you see. And if you think that you’re not using a lens, think again:).

In the western model of health care, where they use a lens that sees the mind and the body as separate things, most diseases that have an unknown etiology (cause) and those diseases that are autoimmune in nature including cancer, are usually explained away as “genetic”.

However if you use a different lens, one that sees the mind and the body as the same thing, then diseases become explained in different and real terms. A disease is seen as a manifestation of underlying patterns of emotional and mental stress manifesting in the physical body.

In a holistic view of health and disease, connection is paramount to physical, emotional and mental health. And disconnection is the original cause of disease. We may learn at an early age to disconnect in order to get love or to fit in. We learn to disconnect from our emotions and from the physical sensations in our bodies. We disconnect most often through mental distraction and we then self-identify with our minds rather than our bodies. We often will relate to our bodies as something that we’re just carrying around with us.

How can we reconnect?

One of the most important aspects of Neuro-Structural care that we provide at the Happy Spine is PRESENCE. Being present with another human being reconnects us to our humanity and it affects us biologically in such ways as to promote healing. Presence helps to reestablish and reinforce our natural state of health that we are born with.

When someone is present with you, you entrain to that thereby becoming more present with yourself. This helps you to have more self-awareness and helps to support a physiology of healing and growth.

When you’re able to be present with your physical bodily sensations and your emotions, you can then start to change your relationship to your emotions, how you take on stress automatically, and how you function in the world.
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