Dr. TonyNSA

How are you today? Do you ever ask yourself that question? If someone else were to ask you, what would your answer be? Or better yet, where would you go to get your answer?

Would you refer to auto-pilot and quickly blurt back an answer that may or may not be true? Would you go deeper and really stop and ask yourself: How am I today? We do live in a culture where quick non-meaningful exchanges are the norm. And I’m not suggesting that you engage fully with everyone you come across in your day and share with them “what’s really going on”. There is a benefit though to ask yourself this question on a regular basis. The benefit is that you can keep it real. Too often habits, social graces and busyness keep us on auto-pilot going about our days, being there and not there. Being fully engaged with yourself is not only your birth right, it’s a gift. Living your life to the fullest starts with getting off autopilot and engaging with yourself fully.

One way to make that shift is to do Stage 1 of the SRI exercises. It’s a really good way to connect and really see “How am I?” and “What’s going on?”

And then the fun part comes! Once you’re feeling whatever is going on, do you notice any stories popping into your mind, explaining, or judging why you’re feeling what you’re feeling? The fun part is noticing the stories come in and focusing back on just the feeling. This takes practice and for many of us, it doesn’t come easy. In the next article, we will discover the BIG Why; Why you want to go to all the trouble of focusing on the feeling and letting the stories, judgements and beliefs float on by.