What do you and Canada geese have in common?

Dr. TonyNSA

There is a natural phenomenon called entrainment, that occurs in nature, between living things and some non-living things.

For example, if you hang several pendulum clocks on a wall and set the various pendulums to swing at different speeds, after 24 hours, they will have synchronized with each other. 

Schools of fish turn instantly in the water using entrainment to communicate. It’s almost as if they are tapping into some sort of wifi, something that’s non-physical in nature.

Entrainment is natural to humans. A shift in one person can be felt by others, in turn helping them shift.

Entrainment helps to magnify shift or change. This is why we use it in the office. By having several people in at the same time, we’re able to help everyone get the most out of their visits. Canada Geese fly in a V-formation which helps the birds in the front lift up the birds further back in the V-formation.

Humans are also capable of supporting each other and lifting one another up, just like geese.

With each session there is a momentum that builds in the room. This momentum brings about more peace and calm. It can also help nudge you over the speed bump towards resolution and breakthroughs.

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