What is dysregulation?

Dr. TonyNSA

Dysregulation in the nervous system is like a symphony orchestra where all the musicians are playing different lines of music. Imagine what that might sound like! Random dissonance, no harmony, no melody, you wouldn’t be able to recognize what song the orchestra was trying to play. This miscommunication in the nervous system happens between the brain and the body and within the brain itself.

We are designed to flourish, adapt and evolve and yet this dysregulation can create a poor baseline for physical, emotional, and mental health. Dysregulation is measurable as Neuro-Structural tension as well as physiological measures such as heart rate variability. So when anyone begins care at the clinic, we measure what baseline they have. This way we can measure in the future to see what changes have happened (how much improvement there has been) and how much more work is needed to help a patient get to a new and improved level of functioning.

Dysregulation in the nervous system can touch any system or tissue or aspect of who we are. It can exist because of past trauma, be it physical, emotional or mental trauma. Dysregulation can exist because of a person’s poor health choices. It can exist because of poor past social conditioning. The reason why our work is holistic is because it needs to be if we are to address dysregulation. It’s not as if dysregulation only exists in the muscles of the body or the blood vessels or the digestive system. It can affect anything and everything.

We use an approach that helps people heal this dysregulation through activating the “conductor of the orchestra” which in the brain is called the prefrontal cortex. We activate the conductor through a very specific gentle touch. The conductor then starts to conduct the orchestra better and it sets about making changes. The fact that our brains and bodies know how to be healthy, even though they sometimes need some directing, is amazing to me. No matter how much disease a person has, or how much time has passed, we have the potential to heal and regain our health. If we didn’t, NeuroStructural care wouldn’t work. We’re not adding or taking away anything to or from the patient. We’re just reminding/redirecting the brain and nervous system to help reset itself and find coherence.

We also teach our patients how to use their focus, breath, energy and movement to help them improve their relationship with their bodies and minds. Once a patient achieves a higher level of coherence, they can choose to continue to work with us to protect the investment that they’ve made. While other patients may choose to continue optimizing their levels of physical, emotional and mental health.

This is why optimizing your nervous system is a foundational practice. Its healthful effects are broad and far-reaching.

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