Will you bend or break?

Dr. TonyNSA

Imagine trying to bend a steel bar. How much energy would it take for you to try your hardest? How long would you be able to hold that bar trying to bend it? The energy that it would take is immense. Imagine you holding that energy in your body.

Have you ever felt like you were going to break? Like something was going to snap? Maybe you HAVE felt the intensity of the energy. Holding this kind of energy in your body is usually an indication of an inner struggle: An inner struggle between trying to live and not wanting to feel.

You might ask, what is it that we’re struggling to not feel? Sometimes we end up feeling like we don’t belong here, on this planet. We may feel like we don’t deserve to be here. Feeling this all the time can lead to depression, anxiety, social isolation, even suicidal ideation. Rather than feel this all the time, we struggle to find a reason to be here or to find more meaning to help us feel like our lives matter.

This internal struggle gets expressed in the spine. There’s a bending between the lower neck and the tip of the tail bone, as if we were trying to bend a steel bar. There’s an immense amount of energy that’s held in the spine and body when this happens.

This immense energy has potential. And ironically (or not), it’s the people who feel like they don’t have the right to be here that have the most to offer. They have the potential to contribute in massive ways.

As a person learns to release the tension from the lower neck and tail bone, they often find that their body has more energy. Not only that, they also believe their thoughts less and less. They’re able to find meaning more easily and they are able to attract people and circumstances into their lives that lift them up.

Seeing this kind of evidence over the years, I can’t help but know that life is always working for us and with us. It’s we who either open ourselves up to it or close ourselves off from it. And closing ourselves off takes a lot more energy! Being open to life is our natural state, our birthright.

But really, what do you do?
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