But really, what do you do?

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The other day a relatively new patient was trying to wrap her head around her experiences so far at the Happy Spine. She had come in with chronic high blood pressure and was feeling very curious as to why her blood pressure has normalized. She has also noticed more of her inner moods, thoughts and feelings and how those have not been fueling her blood pressure to skyrocket. She has also had deep feelings of inner peace and calm that are new to her.

What she was reporting to me is typical for most people who undertake an initial phase of care with us. They experience improvement in their symptoms, and they very often notice other improvements in how they feel ranging from having more energy to improved digestion and easier menstrual cycles.

Inevitably the question arises, “so what do you do?”

Over the years I’ve had lots of time to figure out an answer. And it’s taken a while I think because the answer depends on where the patient is coming from when they ask the question. Of course I could sit down with the person and give them a 3 day lecture on anatomy, physiology, neurology etc., to try to explain how what we do can create changes in the structural alignment and autonomic nervous system. But 3 days is not long enough:).

So to give a short and simple answer to the question “so what do you do”, I will say that we help to reconnect you to your natural state. The concept of natural state is something that I’d like to unpack in the next few articles. For now we can assume that when a person walks into the clinic, it’s because they have lost touch with their natural state, and they have adopted a ‘stressed state’ that is not serving them anymore. In fact it’s robbing them of their health and life.

This answer also suggests that we have a natural state to begin with and that the solution involves re-connecting to what they disconnected from. Maybe they were never plugged into their natural state.

This answer also carries in it the fact that we are not powerless to change our bodies, minds and lives. It also implies personal responsibility, something I’m happy to see more and more patients having that come to the Happy Spine. People want to do more for themselves rather than depend solely on “the doctor” to help them.

Next week we’ll further unpack “we help to reconnect you to your natural state”.

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