Your Natural State – Part 2

Dr. Tony NSA

I’d like to begin describing what the natural state is by asking you to shift your focus to your breathing for a moment. Just watch it as if you were watching a movie, don’t change your breathing. Watch how it enters your body and how it exits. Notice how your body expands and “deflates” as you breath.

If you happen to notice that you’re not really breathing, take in a breath and watch it. Notice the sound the air makes going into and out of your mouth, nose, throat and lungs.

The best way to describe the natural state is not through describing concepts. The best way to describe it is through experiencing:

Noticing – shifting your focus
Feeling – the air move over your lips or through your nostrils, the expansion of your chest or belly, how your body moves
Hearing – the sound of the air move in and out
Smelling – if you’re out in nature vs. If you’re inside a building

The natural state is always available to you, in every moment. All you need to do is shift your focus to it. When you do you’ll notice there’s a natural order to it, just like in nature. The more you can observe the natural state, the more you align to it. Your breathing changes, your heart finds a more natural rhythm, your physiology starts to shift like an orchestra shifting the nuance of tone, volume and emphasis.

Just like music can create a mood, focusing on your natural state sets the mood or tone from which you then experience life. In your natural state you have more access to your human resources.

Experiencing life then becomes less ordinary and more extraordinary!

What do you see?
But really, what do you do?