Wisdom is not an option

Dr. TonyNSA

Many of us no doubt have heard the phrase: “Life is not about the destination…it’s about the journey.” Or something like that. I believe that the destination and journey are both important in life. I think they represent the two sides of the brain: the left brain is about the destination while the right brain is all about the journey.

Without a destination, the journey can take you anywhere. And that’s both a blessing and a curse. The journey offers all possibilities. At the same time, you can feel like you’re aimlessly drifting, not really getting anywhere.

Without the journey, the destination is a finite thing. The gift of that is that it can help you focus and achieve. Alternately, the pain of the destination is limiting yourself to only one potential as opposed to who knows how many.

One of the many benefits of Neurostructural care is that you can learn, through sensing your body, how to navigate through the journey and to know when it is time to choose a destination and what destination to choose altogether. Intuition, gut feelings, seeing signs, feeling guided, are part of the landscape of “feelings” that give us information. If you’re not sensing your body, you’re not getting all the information you could to make a well-rounded decision.

Another benefits of Neurostructural care is learning to mitigate expectations. Expectations crop up normally after we set a destination. ‘Are we there yet?’, ‘will I ever make it?’, ‘how long is this going to fu#@ing take?’ are just a few of the thoughts that will appear. Typically when we hold expectations, we’re holding our breath insistently, trying to reach a destination through sheer will.

Learning to get more comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, being able to hold several thoughts in succession without jumping reflexively at one in particular, being able to hold a number of perspectives at the same time, all help to not only reduce stress.

They also help you make more appropriate choices, appropriate in the context of your journey. With a clearer, more high functioning nervous system, you’re smarter and wiser:).

How do you choose the path?
The Connected Brain